Alley Cat

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In March this year, just days before the lockdown, komoot launched its app in Dutch. To celebrate komoot organized an Alley Cat Race where route planning skills were just as important to winning as having strong legs. The idea for this race came from True Grit and now that restrictions are loosening up we have decided to organize another Alley Cat Race, open to everyone!

We're taking the Alley Cat to the forest

A great day out with a challenge, not just to ride fast, but to plan smart.

The goal is to complete the assignments in the manifest as efficiently as possible.

You participate as a duo.

The fittest duo with the best route planning skills has the greatest chance of winning.


We have reached the maximum of 100 participants for our first Komoot Alley Cat launched in the weekend of October 24th, 2020.

We don’t have a waiting list, but tickets are sometimes offered on our Facebook page by participants who can’t make it to the event.

You can follow True Grit on Facebook here and click on ‘Interested’ on our Alley Cat event page.


Our local heroes at Rock City Brewpub are the hosts for this first edition of the Komoot Alley Cat. The crew believes a good ride should always be followed by great beers and tasty pub-food, and they will take good care of us.
The Brewpub is located in the outskirts of Amersfoort and the craft beers served are brewed on the spot. You’ll find 21 beers on tap and an open kitchen serving great meals. We are stoked to welcome you all here!⁠


At the start of the Alley Cat, you’ll get instructions to get to the next location. There, each duo will receive a manifest with 4 assignments. These will define your route, which you need to plan in komoot. The assignments will lead you over unrivalled gravel roads, beautiful (paved) backroads and newly discovered highlights. Komoot will make sure you never get lost. But who has the best route planning skills to win?


We kick off with a freshly brewed espresso at Rock City before we head out to the first location, where each duo receives a manifest with 4 assignments. Make sure you’ve had lunch before you arrive at Rock City (they’ll only have brownies). When your route is complete and the assignments are done you’ll return to Rock City for a well deserved craft beer. To accompany the beer you’ll be served a big plate of tasty nachos. There will be a veggie option available too. Stick around if you can, there are plenty of beers to try.


Routemaster Gijs Bruinsma has plotted an all-roads route, so there will we single tracks, gravel roads, sandy and or muddy segments but also plenty of paved roads. A fast gravel bike would be your best pick, but a road bike with 28mm tires minimum will also work. Good planning skills will help you find the roads you prefer, and many versions of the route can be made. You decide which option (route and bike) will be the most efficient for you!


12.00-12.30 | Registration & coffee
13.00 | Start Alley Cat
16.00 | Cut off
16.30 | Prize-giving

You will ride between 60 and 75 k. Depending on your route-planning skills.
Registration is €25 and limited to 100 participants.

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What about COVID?


  • If the event is canceled due to stricter measures against Covid-19, you will get your registration fee back, minus 2.50 euro admin costs.
  • If you cannot take part in the Alley Cat because you have complaints, your ticket cannot be reclaimed. You can, however, transfer the ticket to another rider (please notify us by email).
  • We have partnered with Rock City Brewpub to ensure the meter and a half rule is complied with. You will have allocated seats and you will be served at the table. We rely heavily on your own insight during the event. Please take care to consider others and keep your distance at all times.
  • Too busy at the bar, toilets, or other stations? Keep your distance and wait patiently. Being responsible is more important than winning.
  • Upon registration, we not only ask for your name and email address, but we would also like your telephone number. We only use this if a contact investigation is required. Your phone number will not be used for any other purposes.

WE’LL STICK TO RIVM GUIDELINES and the advice of the NTFU:

> Stay at home with complaints;
> Wash your hands and cough in your elbow;
> Keep 1.5 meters away from others at the Brewery and other spots en route